Tulsa, Oklahoma Traffic Ticket Lawyers

Traffic citations in Oklahoma range drastically in significance. Below is a list of common charges that Tulsa, Oklahoma traffic ticket lawyers defend clients against in Oklahoma courts.

Don't plead guilty to a traffic ticket for any of the above offenses without first understanding the consequences of a conviction or speaking with a Tulsa, Oklahoma traffic ticket lawyer.

Traffic Ticket Costs

Minor citations, such as seat belt violations, result in a fine and a small black mark on your driving record if you don't contest the charges. Others, such as leaving the scene of an accident, can result in jail time, probation, restitutions or community service on top of the fines. You could also face mandatory education at your own expense as a condition of your sentence.

Guilty Plea versus the Expense of Hiring a Traffic Lawyer

If you have been charged with a serious violation, or you have previously been convicted for multiple traffic offenses, a guilty plea could cost you your driving privileges! Depending on your insurance agency's policy, you may also have to pay increased monthly insurance premiums for up to five years!

A Tulsa, Oklahoma traffic ticket lawyers has experience defending clients against traffic violations and will ensure that you get the best out come from your court case. If you are concerned about the potential consequences of your traffic ticket, call a Tulsa, Oklahoma traffic ticket lawyer to discuss your case prior to pleading guilty.

  • If you have received a Traffic Citation and want to determine if you're able to defend it, Submit Your Case for a Free Review from a Traffic Violation Attorney in Tulsa, OK.

A good traffic lawyer may be able to defend your case for less than the cost of the fines associated with a guilty plea. You'll pay the same amount of money, but avoid the other consequences of a conviction and protect your license.