Omaha, Nebraska Traffic Ticket Lawyers

A traffic ticket in Omaha, Nebraska can cost you a great deal of time and money. While some traffic tickets may be a mere nuisance that requires you to mail in only a small fine, others result in consequences such as steep fines, jail time, community service, or mandatory defensive driving school classes.

Nebraska Law and Traffic Tickets

The Nebraska court system is cracking down on traffic ticket violations. Offenders convicted of traffic violations such as speeding, running a red light or stop sign, driving without a license, driving without registration, or other offenses may face fines, court costs or even jail time. Offenders who commit three speeding or other traffic violations within a year and a half (18 months) time could even have their licenses revoked for six months!

Omaha, Nebraska Traffic Tickets and Defensive Driving Classes

In some cases, an Omaha court will sentence offenders to enroll in a driving school in exchange for dismissing the ticket or reducing the fine. These classes are often time consuming, boring, and expensive. Defensive driving classes are typically held on evenings and weekends, and you may even have to drive a considerable distance in order to attend the class.

While defensive driving classes are a better alternative than having a conviction for a driving offense on your record or being hit with the maximum fine, this mandatory education can be costly in terms of time and money. An Omaha, Nebraska traffic ticket lawyer may be able to get the ticket dismissed or the fine reduced without the mandatory driving classes assigned to you.

What to do if you Recieve a Citation

If you've been charged with any type of traffic ticket violation, you should discuss your case with an Omaha, Nebraska traffic ticket lawyer in order to assess the possible penalties. Depending on the minimum and maximum penalties for your particular citation, you may find that retaining a traffic lawyer is the least expensive means of fighting your case. Traffic lawyers minimize the hassle, get better results, and can protect your wallet and driving privileges from the effects of a traffic violation conviction.

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