Honolulu, Hawaii Traffic Ticket Lawyers

Have you been stopped for a traffic violation in Honolulu, Hawaii? If so, it is important to understand Hawaii's traffic code in order to make the best decisions regarding your defense. Many Honolulu, Hawaii traffic ticket lawyers offer free consultations during which you can discuss your case; however, here is a brief overview.

Civil Infractions vs Criminal Infractions

A civil infraction of the traffic code can be charged if you break a state traffic or road statute or a related municipal ordinance. These infractions can be for moving violations, such as speeding tickets, running a red light, or for nonmoving violations like parking tickets. These types of offenses will not appear on your criminal record if you are convicted; however, a Honolulu Hawaii traffic ticket lawyer may be required to prevent the conviction from appearing on your driving record.

Common civil infractions include speeding, illegal turns, parking in a loading zone, or failing to use your turn signal. These infractions typically carry a fine and may also require driving school or community service.

Criminal Infractions

Criminal infractions are equivalent to being charged with a misdemeanor or felony and frequently require the attention of an experienced Honolulu, Hawaii traffic ticket lawyer. Examples of criminal infractions include reckless driving, leaving the scene of an accident, DWI, hit and run, or street racing. Convictions for criminal infractions will appear on the offender's criminal record and can result in license revocation, community service or even jail time.

Benefits of a Honolulu, Hawaii Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Whether you're facing a civil or criminal infraction, a Honolulu traffic ticket lawyer is always your safest bet for avoiding the unwanted consequences of a conviction. A traffic ticket lawyer can help you protect your wallet, your license and your freedom, often for about the cost of a conviction.

What to ask a potential traffic ticket lawyer:

  • What are the potential consequences of this charge?
  • What is a reasonable expected outcome for my case?
  • Are my driving privileges in jeopardy?
  • How would a conviction affect me?
  • Do you have any references?
  • How do similar cases typically end?
  • If you have received a Traffic Citation and want to determine if you're able to defend it, Submit Your Case for a Free Review from a Traffic Violation Attorney in Honolulu.