Violate Operating Hours Minors

Traffic laws vary from state to state, especially when it comes to minors and their driving restrictions. Many states have laws in place that restrict the time of day and where minors can operate their vehicle once acquiring their driver's license. Most minors are not permitted to operate their vehicle prior to 6am each day and not past 12 midnight each night. Other restrictions placed on minor drivers is the number of non-relatives allowed in their car at one time, how many hours out of a 24 hour period they are permitted to drive, how many miles they are permitted to drive in one day and much more. The majority of states that have these laws refer to the license for a minor as a Cinderella License.

Fines and Penalties

The fines for violating the operating hours for minors of minor driving licenses range from $75-$150 depending on the violation and the condition of the roadway at the time the traffic ticket was issued. If these restrictions are violated more than once it could be grounds for suspension of the license and possibly even revocation of the license altogether if a violation of the restriction on operating hours causes a severe accident. Other penalties include the assessment of points on the motorist's license.

Traffic Points and Impact on Driving Record / License

Violating the operating hours for a minor is a moving violation, which comes with points on the driver's license, for two points. The points will remain active on the license for three years and cannot be removed from the license until the fourth year. Once points are added to a driver's license, no matter the restrictions on the license, the motorist's insurance agency is notified. The insurance agency will then make the decision as to raise the insurance rates or drop the driver altogether.

Hiring a Lawyer

If you or a loved one has been issued a traffic ticket for violating operating hours as a minor, contact an experienced traffic tickets attorney immediately for expert legal counsel regarding your case today. The attorney will investigate your situation, how it happened, and then determine the best defense possible against the violation in hopes of having the ticket thrown away and not recorded on the driver's history.

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