Can a Warrant be Issued for Unpaid Traffic Tickets?

A traffic ticket might seem little more than a nuisance to you. Why pay a ticket anyway? What's the worst that could happen? Well, there are consequences to your actions and many of them are quite serious in nature. That one hundred dollar ticket could easily turn into a monster if you decide to ignore it. Unpaid traffic tickets are serious and should be taken care of immediately. (See also what happens if I turn myself in for a traffic warrant).

What's the Worst That Could Happen?

You lead a busy life and from time to time you might forget some things such as a birthday, where your car keys are and even that nasty little speeding ticket. So, what could happen if you continue to ‘forget' the ticket? The consequences for an unpaid ticket can be pretty hefty and cause some serious headaches. You may find that you are unable to renew your license because of unpaid tickets. Your car insurance may go up and you may even face suspension of your license should you continue neglecting your responsibility. However, the worst that could happen is the issuing of a warrant.

We Have a Warrant for Your Arrest

It might seem like an extreme measure just for some speeding tickets but it happens all the time. The warrant is issued only for those who have neglected the tickets for an exaggerated amount of time or have missed a court date. This type of warrant is called a bench warrant. The police will still arrest you and still put you in the back of a patrol car, but you will be brought before a judge to explain why you failed to pay and why you failed to appear in court. While you may not go to jail, the resulting cost of this action will be far higher than the initial ticket.

Getting Some Help

If, for whatever reason, you have unpaid tickets or believe that you have missed a court date it is important that you address it immediately. You certainly do not want to wait around any longer than you already have. It is a good idea to seek help from a lawyer. The lawyer will be able to make the necessary calls and to gather all the information you will need in order to prevent the warrant. You will still have to pay the tickets but the price might not be as high and you can even avoid getting arrested. While having a warrant issued is certainly a possibility, taking action as soon as you can will minimize the damage done. Getting a lawyer will simply make everything a little easier on you.

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