What Is Considered a Misdemeanor Traffic Violation?

Traffic violations are categorized as infractions, misdemeanor or felony depending on the seriousness or dangers of the violation; infractions usually involve fewer penalties than that of the misdemeanor traffic violation or the felony. Penalties can be as simple as hefty fines or loss of driving privilege or as severe as incarceration.

When Does a Traffic Violation Become a Misdemeanor?

Although there are few changes in the traffic rules and regulations in every state and province, generally a traffic violation is considered as a misdemeanor when:

  • it injures others or damage a property (or)
  • it creates a fear of injury or destruction to property of others.

(See also Traffic Infractions vs Misdemeanor Charges).

Common Misdemeanor Traffic Violations

Some of the commonly violated traffic regulations which are of misdemeanor grade are as follows.

  • DUI: DUI refers to driving under the influence of intoxicants like drugs or alcohol. DUI is really dangerous as you do not have self-control and can risk your life plus lives of the people you hit.
  • Hit and Flee: Dashing against a vehicle or a road user and fleeing the scene of accident without stopping your vehicle is another often repeated act of misdemeanor.
  • Invalid License: Driving with a suspended driving license or without a valid driving license is another misdemeanor which many people do.
  • No Insurance: When you drive without proper insurance, it can result in a misdemeanor as you risk your life and life of the others as the condition of your vehicle is not examined and it may not be up to the safety mark.
  • Others: Other violations like reckless driving , crossing red signal, and not wearing seat belts are also misdemeanor (vary in few states) as you are taking chances on your life and others as well through these traffic violations.

Legal Action for Misdemeanors

You will be taken into legal custody as soon as being caught of a misdemeanor. You will be released only after posting a bail bond. You are given all rights and privileges to defend your case with the help of an attorney. You may be sentenced with imprisonment up to a maximum of 1 year after the trial proceedings.

Get Legal Advice

Misdemeanor charges have potential consequences and hence have to be taken seriously. So, get the legal advice from a traffic ticket attorney of your locality to know the various options available for your situation. The attorney may also help you to reduce your offense level or your punishment.

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