How to Get a Traffic Ticket Dismissal

Fighting a traffic ticket isn’t always easy. It isn’t meant to be, for the simple reason that if it was simple, everyone who got a ticket would claim they weren’t guilty and drag it through the court system with unnecessary and fraudulent arguments. However, if you genuinely received a ticket for a citation that you didn’t commit, whether the officer made a mistake or there were mitigating circumstances in the situation, then you should, by all means, exercise your right to get a traffic ticket dismissal. So how do you do it? The answer depends on your particular scenario, but in general, there are two basic ways in which this can be accomplished.

Getting a Traffic Ticket Dismissed

  • Prove mistakes made at the scene.

If you feel that the officer confused you with another car because his view was obstructed by trees, or if you were forced to make an illegal turn because of an object in the road, or if any other physical issue at the scene led to the unfair citation… document it. This is why it’s a great idea to carry a camera in your glove box. A factual record of the scene and what you feel contributed to the ticket will be key in your defense against it.

  • Prove mistakes made by the officer.

Everyone makes mistakes, and police officers are no different. The officer that cited you may have overlooked part of the law and this can be your loophole for getting the ticket dismissed. After you receive your ticket, mail it into the address indicated on the back, and check the box for “not guilty” on the ticket itself, which will trigger a hearing on your behalf (you will receive notice of the date and time). Once you do this, ask for a copy of the police record and notes taken upon the traffic stop. Read them carefully and look for inconsistencies in the officer’s record. Look up the legal definition for the exact citation you were given. If anything doesn’t match, it could be enough to get your ticket thrown out.

With either method above, your job will be proving your case – that is, providing specific factual evidence and clear explanations as to why the ticket should be considered invalid. Remember that you’ll be presenting these to a judge who isn’t interested in why you can’t pay your fines or why you deserve to get let off the hook: he or she only wants the facts. The officer, if he or she comes to the hearing, will do so with notes and an explanation of their own, so you should, in turn, be prepared to give your side in the same informative manner. If you’ve got the proof and the judge hears you out, there’s no reason justice shouldn’t prevail.

Getting Help

To have the best chance of getting a traffic ticket dismissal, it is a good idea to hire a qualified lawyer. Your attorney can help you to take the right steps to fight against the ticket so you can avoid penalties, fines and points on your license. 

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