How to Contest a Speeding Ticket Given Out of State

If you are travelling through a state other than where your vehicle registration and driver’s license are issued, and you are issued a speeding ticket by a police officer in that state, you may wish to contest the out of state speeding ticket.  There are a number of potential reasons why you would contest an out of state speeding ticket, as well as a number of ways to go about contesting the ticket.  The catch is, you may not be able to return to the state where you were issued the ticket, especially if you were on vacation or travelling for business. This means you will often want to contest the ticket by mail, which is possible if you know how.

Contesting an Out of State Speeding Ticket By Mail

  • When you receive the ticket, there will be a check box on the back of the ticket for you to check either guilty (used when paying the fine) or not guilty (used when contesting the ticket or the specific charges put forth in the ticket).  
  • You will want to check “not guilty” if you are contesting the ticket and include any reason why you feel that you are not guilty of the charges included on the ticket.  Some common not guilty reasons for an out of state traffic ticket include that you were travelling the speed limit but that the radar or other speed equipment used was faulty, or that there are errors on the ticket that can be used to compromise the case.
  • You may be assigned a court date based on the fact that you have contested the out of state ticket.  If so, you can request a continuance, which will push the court date back.  This works well because if the officer who issued the ticket does not show up in court, the case will be dismissed.   By continually moving the date of the trial, you stand a better chance of the officer not being able to show up.  
  • You may also wish to include information about any relevant errors in the ticket, as you did initially when you received the ticket, and you may even wish to speak with an attorney in the state where the ticket was issued to see if there are any loopholes or other issues with the ticket that you might have missed when you initially made the not guilty plea. 
  • You will also want to make sure that you have included a return receipt request on the envelope that you are sending the ticket back in, so that you have proof of the ticket being received by the court in charge of enforcing the ticket. 

Getting Help

If you want to contest an out of state speeding ticket but don't want to return to that state, you can hire a lawyer to go to court on your behalf. Your lawyer will act as your representative and will make arguments to the court as to why you shouldn't have to be subject to the penalties of the ticket.

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