Fighting a Handicap Parking Violation Wrongfully Issued

Of all possible parking violations, a handicap parking violation is one of the most expensive parking tickets. Not only are the fines hefty, the handicap parking violation will add points to your license.

If you are issued a ticket for a handicap parking violation and you believe you are not at fault, you can fight the ticket.

Your Handicap Parking Violation Could Be Wrongfully Issued

There are many options for dismissing your handicap parking violation. The most common examples of cases that result in ticket dismissal are as follows:

  1. If you were in the process of turning or moving your vehicle, you can argue your ticket. The basic definition of parking states that the vehicle must be turned off and unattended.
  2. A handicap parking space must be within the first few spaces of the handicap entrance to any building. If the handicap parking space in which you parked was intended for a building that no longer exists or moved the handicap parking spaces, you have a strong case.
  3. If your ticket is not properly completed, you can fight the ticket. If the mark indicating the type of violation is unclear or in multiple boxes, you can also claim that the attendant made a mistake.
  4. If you parked in a spot that is not a handicap parking space but received a handicap parking violation, you were not parked illegally and the case will be dismissed.
  5. Finally, if the parking space was not clearly marked, you could argue that you did not know the space was a handicap parking space. Typical signage includes blue or yellow space markings accompanied by blue handicap parking signs at the front of each space.

Prove Your Case

While on site, document the following information to strengthen your case:

  • The location of the vehicle at the time of ticketing.
  • The time period in which you were parked, if your vehicle was unattended.
  • The ticket, including the time of issue and attendant identification
  • Photo documentation including the parking space and any relevant information including building entrances and signage.

Write a clear explanation of what each piece of evidence means. This will help you effectively argue your case in front of a judge.

A Lawyer Can Help

If you choose to plead not guilty to a handicap parking violation, your lawyer can help. From organizing the case evidence to arguing your case in court, your lawyer has the expertise you need to dismiss your handicap parking violation.

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