Wyoming Reckless Driving Laws

In Wyoming, reckless driving is defined as a serious traffic violation, which indicates the offense can potentially result in automatic license suspension for a first offense. However, in practice, this does not often occur, assuming a driver takes the minimal requisite steps to plead their case in a hearing.

Defining Reckless Driving in Wyoming

According to the Wyoming statutes, reckless driving is defined as operating any motor vehicle in a manner that indicates a willing or wanton disregard for the safety of both people and property. Intentionally vague, Wyoming's reckless driving statute does not necessarily cover any one specific act, such as speeding or failure to obey a signal. However, it leaves open the subjective consideration of observing law enforcement as to whether the driving behavior exhibited shows willful or wanton disregard. From a defense standpoint, this leaves ample room for reducing the citation to a lesser traffic offense, such as speeding or another moving violation, if applicable.

Reckless Driving Penalties in Wyoming



Criminal Penalties

Points Applied to License

Other Administrative Penalties

Reckless Driving, 31-5-229

Serious moving violation

Not applicable, unless reckless driving incident to other criminal offenses

No point system in Wyoming, but four moving violations in one year period results in possible 90 day suspension

Up to 90 day suspension of license, plus fines not to exceed $750. Associated penalties include cost of reinstatement, attendance at traffic school, or other insurance related increases

Impact on Your Drivers License

As noted above, reckless driving carries potential of automatic license suspension of not more than 90 days for a first offense, however, this is rarely the case. Rather, especially for first offenders, attendance at a traffic court hearing can arrange some form of alternative sentence, possibly involving payment of fines and attendance at a traffic school to prevent the suspension. However, the citation will likely influence the penalties associated with any subsequent serious moving violations, should they occur.

Options for Dealing with a Reckless Driving Charge in Wyoming

Dealing with a reckless driving citation at least initially entails ensuring appearance at a the noted traffic court hearing date, often located on the citation itself. However, prior to this, getting in touch with legal counsel is advisable. Before attending the hearing, having a coherent plan, including motions to make to prevent license suspension or other desired actions, should be made. By having legal representation on the day of the hearing, defendants also stand a better chance at mitigating the fallout from a reckless driving citation as well.

When to Get a Lawyer for Reckless Driving in Wyoming

As noted above, anytime a driver may potentially lose his license for an extended period, having legal counsel involved is advisable. Even more importantly, if the reckless driving citation is incident to any accident causing property damage or bodily injury, a driver must utilize legal representation to defend against the citation, not only to prevent loss of license, but more importantly, to prevent conviction of the offense (which could be used as leverage in indicating guilt in any associated civil ligation).

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