Illegal Backing Up and Driving in Reverse

Illegal backing is any kind of backing up that is unsafe for the driver, other drivers on the road or that interferes with traffic. This is considered a moving violation and if an individual is found guilty of it, he or she may have to pay fines and receive demerit points that go against the driving record of the individual. Unfortunately, when individuals commit traffic violations like illegal backing or driving in reverse, accidents and injuries are often caused.

Fines and Penalties

If an individual is found guilty of illegal backing, he or she will most likely be expected to pay a fine of around $75 to $100. Technically, individuals can receive up to 15 days in jail or both as well. If it's an individual's first offense, it is unlikely that the court will sentence him or her to jail for illegal backing. With repeated offenses, individuals will experience higher fines and more time in jail – as well as a higher likelihood of being sentenced to jail. If an individual has other traffic offenses, a court may issue higher fees and penalties as well.

Traffic Points and Impact on Driving Record

For illegal backing, individuals are typically given 3 demerit points per offense. Demerit points go against the individual's driving record permanently. In some cases, individuals can take driving classes to have demerit points removed, but too many demerit points can result in a suspended license. Also, most insurance companies increase car insurance premiums when an individual accumulates demerit points. Individuals with no demerit points receive discounts and great prices on car insurance.

Hiring an Attorney

Individuals who are accused of illegally driving in reverse may want to fight the charge in court rather than paying the fines and accepting the consequences. If one is truly innocent of the violation, an attorney can use evidence and details to prove this to a court of law, often getting the charges dropped altogether. Attorneys can more easily receive reduced charges and lower fines for their clients than an individual can get, helping keep their clients' driving records clean. In some areas, even jobs can be affected by an individual's driving record. Hiring an attorney for any moving violation is a good idea, and attorneys typically have free consultations so that individuals can determine their options and rights under the law.

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