Failure to Yield at a Broken Traffic Light: Moving Violation?

A broken traffic light is not an excuse for drivers to behave differently or in a negligent manner. The chances of an accident occurring in an intersection with a broken light are more than doubled. If anything, a broken traffic light should indicate the drivers need to pay even more attention to the intersection.

Broken Traffic Light Rules

Failure to yield at a broken traffic light can result in a moving violation. This violation could add points to your license and result in an increase in insurance premiums.

Most broken traffic lights will indicate that they are not working properly. In this case, follow these rules to avoid a moving violation:

  • A red flashing light is equivalent to a stop sign.
  • A yellow flashing light indicates that the driver should yield to other traffic.

If the traffic light is not working at all, always slow down or come to a complete stop. If you stop or slow down, you will be less likely to receive a ticket for failure to yield in an intersection.

Failure to yield for a broken traffic light moving violations are not just issued by police officers. Red light traffic cameras serve to capture drivers violating broken traffic light rules.

Fight A Moving Violation

If you feel you received a moving violation in error, plead not guilty and request a trial. You can prove that:

  • The light was defective and did not display the correct signal.
  • The police officer could not see the vehicle from their location.
  • The red light camera acted in error.

Document your case by providing visual evidence that relates to the intersection and the broken light. Photograph the following:

  • The light itself. Prove that it is not working correctly or that there was no indication of error.
  • The original location of the police vehicle.
  • The intersection and indicate the positions of all involved.

If you are dealing with a red light camera, do not allow the officer to manipulate the photo or video. Without your release, the officer will have a hard time using the images as evidence in your case.

Your Lawyer Can Help

Assigning blame in a broken traffic light case is difficult. Your lawyer can help you organize your case and present your evidence to a judge in a manner that will help you get your case dismissed.

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