Driving While License Suspended

If your license has been suspended, and you are operating a motor vehicle, then you are illegally operating a motor vehicle and may be subject to fines, loss of license and or jail time.

Drivers with suspended licenses are involved in fatal crashes only second to alcohol-related fatalities. (See also can a reckless driving ticket cause license suspension).

Fines And Penalties

While in most states driving while your license has been suspended is treated as a misdemeanor charge, and the penalties are usually monetary fines for first offense which progressively increase with each consecutive infraction, some states will classify repeat offenses as criminal or felony charges. (See also Restricted License after Suspension for Moving Violation).

Points And Impact On Driving Record/License

When you are convicted of driving on a suspended license your receive points against your driving record. These points stay on your record for varying lengths of time, depending on the jurisdiction you live in. However, these points are made available to your auto insurance provider, and as a result of the infraction, your insurance premiums will increase significantly.

Hiring A Lawyer

Driving while your license is suspended isn't usually thought of as a serious crime, but many states look at it exactly as that; a serious crime that warrants serious consequences. This is especially true for repeat offenses. As such, it is very important that you be represented with experienced traffic lawyers to ensure your rights are protected.

It should be noted that when a person pleads guilty to a traffic violation they could be putting themselves in a situation in which their privilege to operate a motor vehicle may be revoked.

Some Legal Terms

Points – Points are placed on your driving record as an indicator of your offence.

Prior – A prior, is a driving infraction that you were found guilty of before your current offense.

Infraction – A violation of a rule or ordinance, or a regulation.

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