Cut Corner Left Turn Fines, Traffic Points And Defense

When driving, cutting the corner on a left turn often results in damage to another vehicle or even to a pedestrian. This is a form of reckless driving and individuals who commit the crime may face moving violation charges. In some cities, the laws have such detail that a vehicle does not have to be present in the lane where you have cut the corner. If you cross the line there, that is enough to warrant charges. In many instances, these charges occur due to accidents occurring. Avoid crossing into the wrong portion of the street to avoid these charges. Some other infractions include when the vehicle begins to turn on red or does not yield right-of-way.

Fines And Penalties

The fines and penalties of cutting a corner in a left turn can be significant, depending on where it occurs. Some states impose a $100 fee for such moving violations. If any damage or injury is evident, the individual must use compensate the other driver for the costs, usually done through the responsible party's insurance company. Since this is a state law, the penalties and fines will differ from state to state.


Points And Impact On Driving Record/License

As with all moving violations, cutting a corner on a left turn does warrant two points being added to your license. The accumulation of points on your license may eventually lead to the loss of driving privileges if you reach the state mandated limits. Higher points also often mean higher insurance premiums.


Hiring A Lawyer

In some situations, with the help of a traffic court lawyer, the charges for a cut corner on a left turn are mitigated. The attorney may be able to help you to reduce fees and penalties as well as financial responsibility to the other driver involved in the accident. In situations where no vehicle was present, the charges may drop if an attorney is successful in pursuing this matter. In turn, this will reduce fines and penalties and keep insurance premiums low.

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