Why it Pays to Fight a Traffic Ticket

Getting a traffic ticket is expensive and can cost you as much as a few hundred dollars plus attorney's fees and other costs. The most common types of traffic tickets include:

  • Speeding ticket
  • Radar, laser or airplane speeding ticket
  • Illegal U-turn
  • Not making a complete stop at a stop sign
  • Running a red light
  • Turning right at an intersection that does not allow right turn on red light

You should use fight ticket defenses in court to try and get the traffic ticket dismissed or the fees reduced. If you are lucky, the officer who issued you the ticket won’t even show up in court, and the judge will dismiss the case.  Having a traffic ticket on your record will eventually cause your insurance rates to go up.  It may take three years for your insurance rates to go back down. Too many traffic tickets could cause you to lose your license. So you should take traffic tickets serious. Speeding can cause traffic accidents and endanger your life and others.  Getting a ticket may be a wake up call and good learning lesson to slow down and to obey the traffic rules and regulations.  Some states allow you to take a driver’s educational or traffic school course if you have not received a ticket within a 12 month period so it doesn’t show up on your driving record.  You are still responsible for paying any fees and fines associated with the ticket and the traffic school costs.   

How to Fight the Ticket?

The best way to fight the ticket is to hire an attorney.  You have a higher chance of getting the ticket dismissed or the fees and fines reduced when you hire an attorney to represent you and argue a fight ticket defense on your behalf.  If you cannot afford to hire an attorney and you want to argue the case yourself, then you may want to argue one of the following most common defenses:

  • If your ticket was issue for speeding, then you may want to argue there was no posted sign or it was hidden. Be prepared to take pictures to prove your case. This defense may be harder to use if your city has a default speed limit.
  • Force the city to prove that they are complying with federal laws regarding operating certain traffic law enforcement equipment. Check to make sure the police officer’s radar or laser device was used from a distance that exceeded the recommended manufacturer’s distance. This takes more effort on your part to calculate and prove. You will need to review the maintenance log at your local police station and find out the manufacturer’s suggested use and distance for the device. Then you have to calculate the distance between your car and the police officer’s car to determine the distance the officer used the device from. If  you can prove it did in fact exceed the recommended distance, the judge might throw your ticket out.     
  • Personal crisis or emergency. Better make it convincing for it to work.  However, don’t count on it.

Attorney Help

An attorney can help defend you if you received a traffic ticket. The attorney is knowledgeable about traffic ticket defenses and will have a better success rate at getting the ticket dismissed or the fine reduced.

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