Plea Bargaining to Beat a Traffic Ticket

As part of a traffic defense, drivers may attempt to minimize speeding ticket cost through plea-bargaining traffic tickets in traffic administrative court.   Commonly, using an attorney in traffic administrative court is the best method of successfully plea-bargaining traffic tickets through a pre-planned traffic defense.   Aside from minimizing speeding ticket cost through plea bargaining or dismissal, drivers also reduce their point accrual from an offense, which is even more beneficial in most cases.


With most state traffic laws, accrual of too many points on one’s license from speeding and other moving violations results in suspension of one’s license or other administrative fees, while insurance carriers often raise premiums for point infractions of drivers.   Therefore, using an attorney in traffic court to dismiss or reduce citations is highly beneficial.

Process of Disputing Traffic Violations

Payment of speeding ticket fines after a citation is issued is a form of plea-bargaining, in which a driver pleads guilty to the offense and immediately pays the associated fines.   However, if a driver wishes to dispute their citation, they must attend traffic court on the date specified on their citation.   By contacting an attorney beforehand, drivers can formulate a strategy for disputing their traffic violation.   Additionally, in court, an attorney can request alternative sentences for citations through plea-bargaining, such as attendance of traffic school by a driver.   These methods may result in dismissal of a traffic violation, if all the terms set forth by a traffic court judge are met.

Getting Legal Help for Traffic Court

Traffic courts may require mandatory court appearance for certain offenses or once a driver reaches a specific point total.   Having an attorney represent your interests in court during these cases is extremely useful.   Not only can citations and violations be dismissed, but also, potential punishments, fines, and fallout from another traffic violation conviction can be mitigated.

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