How a Radar Speeding Ticket Can be Beaten

Many times the police use radar to issue speeding tickets. It is common method used for detecting speeding throughout the United States.

Beating a Radar Speeding Ticket

It is possible to beat a radar speeding ticket. However to beat a radar speeding ticket, you must understand how the radar works. Radio Detection And Ranging or radar as it is popularly known works by emitting radio waves. The police officer will aim the radar at the target vehicle. The radar will release a radio wave at one frequency. This will reflect off the target vehicle and return to the radar at another frequency. The difference in the frequencies helps calculate the speed of the target vehicle.

Accuracy of Radar Readings

Radars are generally considered very accurate. But despite the tall claims of radar manufacturers, radars have their drawbacks. There are factors that can affect the accuracy of the radar reading. Remember the prosecution must prove beyond reasonable doubt that you are guilty as charged. If the police car's aircon or heating unit was on at the time the radar was in use, it will affect the readings. If there are road signs, street lights, trees, other vehicles, etc between the radar and your vehicle, then it is likely that the radio wave would have reflected back after striking any of them thereby affecting the accuracy of the reading. If there is a radio transmission tower or any other source of frequency transmission the radar reading will be inaccurate.

Factors Affecting Radar Reading

For a radar reading to be accurate, there conditions must co-exist at the same time:

  • the road must be straight – radars cannot go around a curve or climb over a steep slope.
  • the visibility must be good
  • there must be minimum traffic on the road – there must not be any obstacle between the radar and your vehicle.

The police officer must be properly trained to use the radar. During your cross examination you must question the officer about his or her training. If the officer's training does not meet the training standards of the manufacturer, then you can ask the court to disregard the evidence against you. Radars with auto lock facility can lock another vehicle instead of a target vehicle. If your car is accelerating or the police car is decelerating, then the radar can give a wrong reading. Poor maintenance can also affect the accuracy of the radar. Before use, the radar must be properly calibrated.

Getting Legal Help

It is possible to beat a radar speeding ticket in a court. Consult with an experienced traffic violation attorney to know how a radar speeding ticket can be beaten.

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