Commercial Driver Traffic Ticket Defense

Being a professional truck driver takes time, dedication and experience to overcome all of the legal requirements to maintaining a safe vehicle and driving on the roadways without violating the many traffic laws that apply to commercial drivers. Even with these skills, a truck driver can find themselves in trouble with a traffic ticket. Municipalities and Counties have police officers that are trained specifically to pull over truck drivers and issue traffic tickets to them for alleged violations. It is a constant struggle to stay on top of the ever-changing laws as well as to avoid these officers who have been trained to pull over truck drivers for any minor traffic ticket infraction they can find.

Effect on Employment

What makes a traffic ticket given to a truck driver more serious than a traffic ticket issued to a normal motorist is the legislation that has been passed to ensure that it goes on your record and is reported not only to the Department of Public Safety but to your employer as well. It does not matter if you are in your personal vehicle taking a vacation with your family going 10mph over the speed limit or you were traveling down the road in an 18 wheeler, the law treats these two offenses the same. We believe that the law is grossly unfair as it is written and should be changed, and we take every opportunity to fight these traffic tickets once retained.

Commercial drivers who are issued a traffic ticket have their livelihood at stake. If you are issued too many traffic tickets as a truck driver you can lose your job and your ability to support yourself and your family. We know the stakes. We understand the issues. We fight to protect your driving record and your job.

Traffic Ticket Defense for Truck Drivers

First it is important that you hire an attorney familiar with CDL traffic tickets and who understands the laws that pertain to them. It is not enough for an attorney to know generally that “oh…. You’re a CDL. This ticket is going to go on your record.” That is not going to help you fight your traffic ticket. You need an attorney that understands what laws apply to commercial drivers and how to craft arguments within those traffic laws to protect you.

The main law used by prosecutors to state that commercial drivers are not allowed a conditional dismissal of your traffic ticket through deferred adjudication and/or defensive driving is contained in the Code of Criminal Procedure Article 45.051(e)(2)(A) and (B). Because this section is not contained in the Transportation Code, most prosecuting attorneys cannot even find it or would know where to look if you asked them about it. For that reason, our experience gives us the advantage when providing commercial drivers with traffic ticket defense. We understand the laws and how the defenses can apply to these laws.

The traffic laws for truck drivers are tough but they are not impossible to navigate. Sometimes your case can be appealed to another court with greater discretion for granting deferred options and/or dismissal of your Texas traffic ticket. Other times, arguments can be made regarding violations of your procedural due process rights to notice of the traffic ticket. There are so many ways to fight your traffic ticket if you are a commercial driver that we cannot state all of them on this website. Give our office a call if you are a commercial driver and have been given a traffic ticket in Dallas or the surrounding counties.

What Do I Do Next?

First, you need to understand that “just paying” the traffic ticket is going to cause you more harm than good. You need to plead “not guilty” at the very least to preserve your legal rights. Second, you also need to understand that the laws for commercial driver traffic tickets are very complex. Just like we don’t try to drive your 18 wheeler, you should not try to defend yourself when your job is on the line. Call the experts at the Beltz Law Firm when you get that traffic ticket. Let us provide you with traffic ticket help. We are lawyers who handle commercial driver traffic tickets on a daily basis and can give you the legal advice you need to make an informed decision on how to proceed.

Leave your truck driver traffic defense to the experienced attorneys at the Beltz Law Firm. We handle CDL Traffic Tickets in Dallas County and all surrounding counties. If you have been issued a traffic ticket in Texas and are a truck driver do not wait another minute. Call us today and get started protecting your driving record and your career.

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