How Much is a DUI Ticket?

In reality, how much is a dui ticket is a rather misguided question. For starters, in all states and counties, driving under the influence is a criminal offense, carrying criminal penalties, which include the potential of incarceration and fines. The amount of fines in a given DUI case will depend on a number of factors, most notably, the significant variations in state laws concerning the maximum or minimum amount of fines applicable to DUI cases. Furthermore, matters such as second or subsequent offense, elevating DUI factors, such as high BAC or DUI involving accident or other charges, will ultimately increase the amount of criminal penalties in fines assessed as well.

The Reality of the Costs of DUI

In reality, the criminal penalties specifically earmarked as fines for a DUI offense are often one of the smaller financial expenses incurred by drivers following conviction of a DUI offense. For starters, almost all simple DUI cases result in some form of alternative sentencing, which involves costly probation periods, costly ignition interlock device requirements, and other cost accruing mandatory conditions or requirements to complete the terms of one's sentence. The costs of this process, which is only the criminal aspect of the DUI case, will greatly, outweigh the fines assessed in the courts.

Another aspect of DUI cases are the costs and complications related to addressing administrative penalties following the DUI arrest and in light of DUI convictions. These costs, which involve reinstatement of one's license and other requirements needing met to reinstate the license, can account for more than the criminal fines associated with the DUI offense in certain cases.

Another directly attributable cost related to a DUI will be exponentially higher insurance premiums for drivers, once they reinstate their license, if they choose to do so. These increased insurance premium costs will last for at least three (3) years, assuming a driver has no other traffic incidents, and may last as long as five (5) years.

Getting Legal Help with DUI Tickets

Any driver arrested for DUI or any DUI related offense should immediately consult with a lawyer. Driving under the influence is a criminal offense, which carries penalties that are far more serious and fallout than the typical traffic crime. In order to mitigate the fallout from a DUI conviction, and defend against the charges, a driver has a limited period in which to act in his or her own defense, especially regarding the administrative penalties related to the DUI offense. Having legal counsel during this time is important.

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