The National Driver Register: Interstate Record of Suspended Licenses

The National Driver Register is a database used to keep track of driver information within the United States. It is used to track individuals  who have been convicted of a crime as well as drivers who have had their license revoked or suspended. Each state has a motor vehicle agency that is responsible for entering the data into the registry for individuals who reside in that state.

The National Driver Register Explained

When you apply for a driver's license, your state's motor vehicle agency must check to see if your name is on the National Driver Register Problem Driver Pointer System. If you have been reported by any state as a problem driver, the licensing state must investigate your driver's history. The state may deny you a license depending on the results of the investigation. A individual who has a suspended or revoked license in one state will not likely be entitled to get a license in another state. 

You have the right to view your file or see if there is a file on you in the National Driver Register. You must follow the agencies procedural requirements to obtain your information. While you must send a notarized letter requesting a file check and include personal identifying information about yourself, there is not a fee for obtaining this information at this time.

Your state motor vehicle registry department may also have information and the Privacy Act likely makes it a requirement that the agency provide you with information upon request. The main reason you may wish to inquire as to your information is in the event an error has been entered into the system. An error could complicate your life if you move to another state or when you attempt to renew your driver's license.

The National Driver Register is one of the many tools used by law enforcement to keep track of individuals who pose a threat to society in some way. Otherwise, individuals with criminal histories would be able to start anew in another state without consequences for prior bad acts.

Getting Legal Help

If you need more information about your record or the National Driver Register, an experienced defense attorney can help answer all of your legal questions. You can also talk to an attorney about practical questions in confidence. As long as you do not try to involve an attorney in a crime scheme, then your conversation shall remain confidential.

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