Reinstating a Revoked or Suspended Drivers License: Process and Fees

If you have a revoked drivers license or your license has been suspended for any reason, you will need to undergo a lengthy process in order to get it reinstated. Depending on the state in which you live, the process may be easy or slightly challenging. Each state has a different protocol, but there are some similarities. (See also suspended license reinstated to drive to work).

How to Reinstate A Revoked Drivers License

Each state is permitted to make its own laws for dealing with the reinstatement of a revoked drivers license, although there are some similarities. For example, generally:

  • Your license will not be reinstated until you meet all of your reinstatement requirements.
  • You will need to submit a request to the DMV Driver License Review board in order to see if you are eligible for your license to be reinstated.
  • Prior to doing this, you will need to make sure that any criminal charges associated with the revocation or the suspension are resolved.
  • You will need to call up the nearest DMV Driver License Review board and be prepared to have your name, license number and social security number available.
  • It is important to realize that the process of reinstatement may vary depending on the type of offense that you commit.

Upon contacting the Driver License Review board you might be required to take a driving skills test due to your license being revoked or suspended. In some states, you will need to complete paperwork and have notations put on your license. For example, in the State of Nevada, you may need to maintain a form SR-22 filing as one of the underlying conditions of your license being reinstated. The SR-22 is a three year requirement that is mandatory in order to reinstate your license in Nevada, but other states have similar forms or requirements.

If, by chance, you are determined to be ineligible for reinstatement, then you may receive a certified letter in the mail disclosing that information. You will then be entitled to an administrative hearing. In order to request a hearing, you will need to have your revocation order number handy and mail in a request. There may be certain fees applicable, in order to find out you will need to call up the Driver License Review board.

It is not uncommon for these actions will go into the national database, so this database- used by many states-will reflect that your license has either been revoked or suspended in another state.

Getting Help

If you are facing reinstating a revoked or suspended license you may want to contact an experienced attorney who can assist you. A qualified attorney can help get a drivers license reinstated and file the request for a hearing to get your license back. As well as, help you throughout the process of getting your suspended drivers license returned.

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