Speeding Traffic Ticket

Speeding traffic tickets are given as a result of drivers violating the rules of the road and exceeding the speed limit. Speed limit laws, created by the states in the interest of public safety, may fall into two categories. One set of laws may set specific limits for different types of roads. For example, there are different maximum speed limits on state highways, residential streets and in school zones. Another set of laws related to speed may require a driver to operate his vehicle at a safe speed depending on conditions that exist at a particular time. For instance, driving at the posted speed limit may result in a ticket because weather conditions don't warrant driving at this speed. After you receive a speeding traffic ticket, it is advised to hire an experienced traffic violation attorney to help you reduce or eliminate the penalties of the citation.

Other traffic violations an individual may be cited for when receiving a speeding traffic ticket include:

  • Running red lights
  • Reckless driving
  • Seat Belt violation
  • Mechanical violations

Speed limit laws can be written for three types of speed limits. Speed limits can be absolute, presumed, or basic. Violating an absolute speed limit is straight forward. If the posted limit is 55 MPH and someone is traveling at 56 MPH a violation has occurred. Presumed speed limits consider the weather and road conditions and a citation may result if an officer believes a driver was not proceeding at a safe speed for the present conditions. A basic speed limit means that an operator of a moving vehicle must travel at a safe speed even if it is below the posted limit. This covers drivers who may be traveling at speeds slower than the traffic and creating an unsafe condition.

Receiving a speeding traffic ticket can result in fines, points added to ones driving record, increased insurance rates and even incarceration if others have been injured or killed. Legal representation in these situations is without question. The varied nature of the laws related to speeding violations dictates the services of a professional. Knowledgeable traffic violation lawyers will know how to address the issues in each particular case.