Speeding Ticket Court Trial Questions

Let's face it, at some point or other, there just doesn't seem to be enough time to get from point A to B. There is no instance where going above the speed limit is legal or merited but it does happen. Whether you are conscious of it or not, when you are driving at a speed that is higher than the posted speed, you are guilty of speeding. In many places now, it is possible to get a speeding ticket even if you are only going 5 miles over the posted speed limit.

Getting a speeding ticket can be very upsetting. If you were already in a hurry, stopping for the ticket takes up more time and can cause emotional stress which is further compounded by the fact that you are going to be even later. When you receive a speeding ticket for driving at a speed that is significantly faster than the posted speed limit, you are required to appear in court.

Questions to Pay Attention To

Undoubtedly you will notice many people in traffic court when you arrive. The judge, officers and court clerks will deal with many different cases throughout the day. For you, these other cases are not your concern or issue your case is. Make sure that you pay attention to your case in the following ways:

  • Your paperwork - The officer who gave you the ticket is responsible for bringing the paperwork associated with your speeding ticket. Make sure that you have your required paperwork and listen carefully to ensure that the officer is making reference to the paperwork you have. Missing paperwork could be cause for dismissal of your case.
  • Officer training - This question may not come up but it is one that you can introduce. Officers are required to have specific training prior to issuing speeding tickets. If the officer who gave you the ticket does not have the right training, this may be grounds for dismissal of your case as well.
  • Guilty or not - Admitting you are guilty to point the finger typically will backfire on you. Instead focus on whether there was a posted speed limit sign.

Why To Fight A Speeding Ticket

There are many reasons that you should fight a speeding ticket. Perhaps the most important reason is if you feel you received the ticket falsely or in error. This may be the most important reason but it is also the hardest to prove. For certain, you should not go to traffic court with the notion that you will be able to deceive or bribe the court. Reasons to fight a ticket include:

  • Higher insurance premiums
  • Having your license suspended
  • Having your license revoked
  • Avoiding an arrest warrant
  • Losing your job if you are on an employer's insurance program

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