Driving Wrong Way Down Designated Road

Driving the wrong way in a designated lane can have serious consequences. 350 people each year are killed by drivers going the wrong way on a street or highway. This can include driving the wrong way down a one way street, a highway, and interstate or city streets. Normally, the most accidents occur when driving the wrong way on the highway or interstate because of the high speeds involved.

Fines and Penalties

Fines for driving the wrong way on a road or highway normally run from $77 to $107. There are 4 points taken off a driver’s license for this offence. There is not normally any jail time imposed so long as intoxication was not involved. There may be exceptions to this, but the numbers given are the norm for the offence.

Points and Impact on Driving Record/License

Normally, 4 points are taken off. In most cases, a driving class can restore your points. Except in extreme cases, licenses are not suspended or revoked due to driving on the wrong side of a designated road. It could impact your insurance rates if actions aren’t taken to restore the points on your license. If the points are restored, no action is usually taken by insurance companies.

Hiring a Lawyer

Most instances of driving down the wrong side of a designated road are driver error. However, there are times when there is improper notification, lack of signs or other things that can lead the driver to mistakenly head the wrong way. For instance, if there was a sign, but it was covered by a tree branch and you could not see it, you may be able to have the charges dropped. Contact a lawyer if you believe there is a valid reason why this offence may have been committed. Hiring a lawyer can mean the difference between having to pay the fine and the fine amount.

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