Disregarded No Passing Zone Fines, Traffic Points And Defense

Disregarding no passing zone signs is also called passing in a no passing zone and is a moving violation. Since no passing zones are establish for safety reasons and are typically located in school zones, high traffic areas or areas with poor visibility for passing, these types of offenses are very serious. No passing zones can be designated by both signs as well as the solid dividing line on the road.

Fines And Penalties

Fines and penalties for this violation are fairly steep in most areas. It is not uncommon for fines to be over $200.00 for this offense, with driving points added to your recorded as well. Fines may increase for subsequent similar offenses.

Points And Impact On Driving Record/License

Since points and fines are determined by the local bylaws of the community, municipality, city or county there is considerable variation. With the severity of this moving violation many courts have a point value of 4 or higher for this offense. Several of these similar types of offenses can, in some situations, lead to suspension of the driver's license if combined with other moving violations or traffic offenses.

Hiring A Lawyer

As with all moving violations these types of charges are cumulative and can lead to loss of the driver's license with an accumulation of points. In addition one or two of these charges on a driving record can cause a future minor traffic offense to result in consequences such as loss of the driving license or hefty increases in insurance. Hiring an attorney to defend your driving license against this very serious charge is important both financially as well as to protect your driving record. For those that drive for a living, these types of tickets may even impact the possibility of finding work, so keeping them off your record is critical.

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