Prepare to Fight Your Traffic Citation in Massachusetts

The best way to beat a ticket in Massachusetts is to be prepared. Start by making a copy of the ticket. It is much easier to review when you can look at the citation. Write down what happened. The officer has notes (the ticket), you should too. It is much easier to refresh your memory if you have notes about what happened immediately after the ticket.

1. Consult a Lawyer

Traffic ticket lawyers fight the tickets every day and win. They have much more experience in front of clerk's and judges. They know the best arguments to use in the hearings. Practice your testimony. Going to court for the first time is intimidating for most people. Reviewing what to say ahead of time makes it easier when you are speaking in front of a clerk.

2. Know the Area

Go back and take pictures of the roads if they are unique. Know what the speed limit is in the area you were stopped.

3. Request a Continuance

The paper shuffling can work to your benefit if the police department misplaces the ticket.

4. Know the Technology Used to Stop You

There is a huge difference between estimated, clocked, radar and lidar. Know what the difference is.

5. Appeal to the Second Hearing

If you lose on the first hearing, exercise your right to appeal. A lot of officers do not appear, and you win automatically.

6. Question the Officer

You have the right to ask the officer if he calibrated the lidar or radar properly. Many times they did not. Asking the right questions can result in a not responsible finding for you.

You are much more likely to beat your traffic ticket if you prepare yourself. If any of the above steps seems a little to intimidating for you, talk to a traffic ticket lawyer. They will be able to help.

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