What are my options for fighting a ticket for failure to yield?


What are my options for fighting a ticket for failure to yield?


Options for fighting any type of traffic ticket, including a ticket for failure to yield right of way, depend on the circumstances that led to the ticket being issued, as well as on whether or not the offense was a direct cause of an accident. Failure to yield tickets or right-of-way issues, and can seldom be fought successfully because of the nature of the offense. For instance:

  • If an individual is turning left, he must yield to oncoming traffic. 
  • If he doesn’t and the failure to yield results in an oncoming car colliding with him, he is not only at fault for the accident’s occurrence, but he will also receive a failure to yield ticket, which it will be very hard to dispute  

If you do plan to fight a failure to yield ticket, the first argument you must make is that you did indeed have the right-of-way when the maneuver that resulted in the ticket was performed. If this can be proven, then the ticket will be dismissed. You may be able to prove this through eyewitness statements, but if it is your word against the officers who ticketed you, then it will become much harder to convince the court to believe your version of the story. 

Getting Help

If you plan to fight a ticket for failure to yield, the best thing you can do is to hire a lawyer. Your attorney can help you gather any evidence available and can assist you in making a convincing argument that you really did not fail to yield after all.


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