How can I get my driver's license back if it was suspended for failing to pay child support?


How can I get my driver's license back if it was suspended for failing to pay child support?


One of the many possible legal consequences for failing to pay child support is to have your driver’s license suspended. If you have a Drivers License Suspension Failure Pay Child Support, you’re probably in a sticky situation. If you need to get your license back as soon as possible and you’re not sure how to proceed, the suggestions below may be helpful. Keep in mind that laws vary by state, so what will work in what state may not be helpful in another, and your best bet is to speak to a qualified lawyer for advice before taking any action.

  • First of all, you should recognize that the suspension of your license took place as the result of a process. This is not something that is done without earlier, less-severe attempts to get you to pay up. Therefore, getting your license back isn’t going to be the simplest thing you’ve ever done.
  • You need to get back on track. Your first step is to set up a payment plan; you can do this yourself, by going over your budget and estimating what you can pay towards child support each month. Don’t focus on paying up what you owe – just focus on making steady payments, no matter how tiny, to show that you’re serious about fixing the problem. 
  • Then, submit the plan in writing to the child support office. Ask them for what else they might need from you to get your license re-instated, and if possible, provide documentation explaining why it’s imperative for you to get the license back as soon as possible (getting to and from work is a good reason). 

In general, your best bet is to get a lawyer, and to get serious about payments, get everything down in writing, and be patient and polite. Getting your license back isn’t a matter of doing specific things, but rather a matter of convincing the right people, so be patient and persistent, and don’t hesitate to get legal guidance.

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