Can I get a license in a different state if mine was suspended?


Can I get a license in a different state if mine was suspended?


People with suspended drivers licenses tend to experience a great deal of inconvenience. It may seem like an easy solution to simply cross the border into another state and obtain a drivers license there. This idea is far from original and it is also far from permissible.

Driving is a privilege that should be applied for and granted in the state where a person resides. Even if a person has a valid drivers license and she moves to another state, she is required to get a new drivers license from her new home state. Considering this, it should be clear that people are certainly not allowed to obtain drivers licenses in foreign states to overcome suspension.

Furthermore, when a state suspends a person’s drivers license, this is meant to be a consequence and perhaps also motivation not to repeat certain bad decisions. This consequence would not be very effective if individuals could simply outsmart the system by going across the border and getting another license.

To help prevent individuals from doing this, most states are members of the Drivers License Compact. This system allows states to share individuals' driving information. Non participating states have other methods at their disposal to catch people who attempt to get drivers licenses while their privileges are suspended.

Unfortunately, driving again will generally require a person to either wait until the end of his suspension period, to rectify the situation that caused the suspension, or to obtain a restricted drivers license if he qualifies. To determine exactly what your options are, you should consult with an experienced traffic attorney.

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