Civil Traffic Violations

Civil traffic violations are violations of traffic law without personal injury or substantial damages. A civil traffic violation is an offense for which the only sentence authorized is a fine. This could include non-moving violations such as a city parking violation. However, generally this is a correctable violation. Some violations require a court appearance; some can be paid by mail. More than 75% of all traffic cases are civil traffic violations. They include speeding, parking in forbidden areas, and driving in the wrong lanes of traffic. Only an experienced traffic violation lawyer can help represent you regarding your traffic ticket.

Common civil traffic violations include:

  • Speeding
  • Parking in non-parking zones
  • Running red lights
  • Failure to obey traffic signs
  • Driving on wrong lane
  • Driving without fastened seatbelt
  • Driving too slowly on an interstate highway

Civil traffic violations may be either moving or non-moving. Moving violations include but are not limited to citations for such things as speeding, failing to stop at a stop sign, failing to stop at a red light or following too closely. Non-moving civil traffic violations include such things as driving with an expired registration, having no proof of financial responsibility, not using a seatbelt, driving a car with burned-out headlights, parking in a handicap spot without the required sticker or even a citation for an overdue parking meter. Experienced traffic ticket lawyers can help reduce or eliminate the fines imposed by your traffic ticket.

Many citations for civil traffic violations are issued for strict liability offenses. Strict Liability means that there needs to be no particular criminal intent and the only requirement needed to convict a person is proof that the prohibited act was committed. A conviction for some of these violations means that points may be added to your driving record. Long term this may effect ones driving privileges or insurance rates. A traffic violation lawyer can insure that your rights are protected.

Have you or someone you know been cited for a civil traffic violation? If so, contact one of our experienced traffic violation lawyers in your area today!

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Have you or someone you know been cited for a civil traffic violation? If so, contact one of our experienced traffic violation attorneys in your area today!

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